[Q&A]: Where to buy cheap pet id tags you can trust

Finding cheap pet id tags online has always been a headache. Today we clear this up once and for all with our definitive:

[Q&A Post]: Where to buy cheap pet id tags you can trust?


In this post we will be discussing where to find beautiful custom id tags for pets cheap, without sacrificing quality.

Nobody wants tags on their pets that look cheap and tacky like the examples below:

cheap pet tags
cheap pet id tags

These tags although ok for some, are not what we like for our loyal subscribers.

We want cheap pet id tags that look incredible. Like the ones below:

cheap id pet tags
fancy custom pet id tags

Pet Tags that look great without anybody knowing we paid next to nothing for them.

And that’s the challenge.

Most retailers both online and offline charge premium prices for tags for pets.

These pet tags are usually low quality material and will break easily without any warning.

And, because tags don’t come with a warranty once they’re broken….

It’s finished!

So where do you find these cheap pet tags?

And ones that are high quality and engravable..

You can watch review videosĀ  on youtube like the one we’ve selected for you below:

Or you can find an online retailer you can trust!

We at Build The Woods are recommending following Dog Tags For Pets

Alternatively you can view the the special discount collection by clicking the link below:

Pet ID Tags



Or you can follow them on Instagram here…


Don’t spend hours on Reddit like these guys: https://www.reddit.com/r/knowyourshit/comments/3mljvb/lpt_if_you_need_a_quick_or_cheap_engraved_id_tag/


Instead, let your pet out the house with a fancy but cheap id tag on their collar!

With more than 5 dogs going missing every day this is a simple way all owners can ensure their pets safety with simple pet tags for cheaper than the price of a sandwich.

Spend your next subway on a cheap tags for your pet by using the links in this email.

All links have the discounted rate already applied.

Happy Shopping for all of us… :)

Build The Woods