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Its a complete headache trying to find a tag that suits your dog, whilst not paying an arm and a leg to get it engraved…

Most people have started turning to the internet with forums exploding with pet owners searching for sites that can offer dog id tags at a reasonable price!

Just check out this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/dogs/comments/3k1jkb/help_suggestions_for_unique_dog_id_tags/

It’s filled with pet owners looking for tags for their dogs!


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You could keep searching around the web and keep finding articles like this about id tags: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identification_tag

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REMEMBER: Message the vendor IMMEDIATELY after purchasing with the information you would like to be engraved on your tags. After all they are dog “ID” tags and serve more purpose then simply looking pretty.

If you run into troubles send us a message via our contact us page and we will be happy to follow up on your order for you, free of charge.

We hope you find this article useful….

Have a great day,

Build The Woods xx