Ragots Trails

{ Redhill }

Well its been a few wet weeks down in Aus. Not much riding or digging.
The usual Trails (RedHill) get nailed when it rains and takes a few days of digging to get them in top shape.
Sure the boys will be back down this weekend if it fines up enough and hopefully holds out for a few weeks to get some solid riding in.

Redhill aside ive been busy the past few months digging in another spot called RAGOTS with another mate trying to get a line running before it starts to warm up and the ground hardens (tuff digging there in summer its like rock). Been working this palce on and off the past few years and never really dig.
Decided this winter to rebuild what was there take a jump out and respace the whole line. Hopefully we have them smooth by the end of winter to get the boys over for a ride. Can already feel them getting close.
Going to New Zealand for a few weeks so wont be any decent shots till i get back but here is some snaps of what we been up to the past few weeks.


A few older pics from last year

{ Redhill }

Thought i would post a few more pics up of the main digging crew.
Wont be up there this weekend but i aske one of the guys to take some decent shot of the trails rather then riders to show what the place looks like. Hope you enjoy the pics guys.

Matt - Backie over the Hip

Dale with a nice T-down

Brendan Jones

Corey through the roller line.

Jimmy with some decent boost through the Roller pack

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Redhill Australia

{ Redhill }

Rider: Dennis Olesen Photo: Jesper Olesen

Rider: Brendan Jones Photo: Jesper Olesen

Just a bit of a teaser from Redhill. We have been digging this spot for many years now. Its not like the scene in the UK we are stuck with only a few builders lots who come and go over the years as well as sandy clay that gets destroyed as soon as it rains. This winter we have been rebuilding the main lines and got the first section running last week.

This was shot over the weekend and was my second time filming and editing. Have a few more vids from some of the other boys i will put up this week some time

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